Dark Jungle



Looking at this wall art circle I can hear, in my mind’s eye, all the sounds and smells of the rain forest. Imagine the aroma of vegetation, moisture, soil, and decaying plants and wood typical of the jungle teeming with animals and insects creating a concert of humming, thrumming, buzzing and chirping. Frogs, cicadas, howler monkeys, and birds are all around and, if you listen intently, you might even distinguish the low growl of a prowling jungle feline.


Our beautiful wall art circles are printed on high-quality, matte vinyl.  They are self-adhesive and can just be stuck onto your wall.  Please note that the production time for this printed wall art can take up to 5 days. But it’s really worth the wait!  If you want this as wallpaper, please Contact us for a quote.


Small:   50cm

Medium:   75cm

Large:   100cm

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