Application Guide

Wall tattoos are easy to apply. Just make sure your wall is dry and clean and you follow the instructions carefully. The smoother the surface, the better your wall decal will stick. If your wall sticker is a bit bigger, then get someone to help you with the application.

  • Step 1

    Before you apply your wall tattoo, hold it against the wall and set pencil marks, which indicate the right position. Work with a spirit level in order to make sure your wall tattoo will be applied straight.

    1 application wall sticker
  • Step 2

    Put your wall tattoo onto a solid surface (table, floor). Rub over it with a squeegee, in order to get rid of the bubbles, which might be trapped between the transfer foil and the back paper. If you don't have a squeegee, use a ruler or a credit card. 

    2 application wall decal
  • Step 3

    If your wall sticker consists of several parts, then cut and separate them now.

  • Step 4

    Place your wall tattoo onto the table, the back paper facing you. Slowly pull off the back paper. Make sure the graphic sticks onto the clear transfer foil. 

    3 application wall decal
  • Step 5

    Should a part not stick onto the clear foil, push the paper back again onto this part and press your thumb onto it. Then pull the paper off again.

  • Step 6

    The wall should be clean and free of dust. Position the wall sticker with the transfer foil onto the wall. Make sure it is aligned with the previously set pencil marks.

    4 application wall art
  • Step 7

    Use a squeegee, ruler or credit card to press your wall sticker onto the wall. If the wall is a bit rough, you might have to rub a bit more and apply more pressure.

    5 application wall art
  • Step 8

    Pull the transfer foil carefully away from the wall decal. If a part does not stick, move the transfer tape back, rub again over the part and slowly pull back the tape.

    6 application wall sticker
  • Step 9

    Use your squeegee and rub over the wall tattoo. If your wall is quite rough, you can use a hairdryer, warm up your wall tattoo and rub over it with a cloth. 

    7 application wall sticker